Get Fluent with the XAML Controls Gallery


You've heard of the new Fluent Design System for Windows 10?

Wondering how you can start using it?

Need a working example, one that lets you see all the controls and feature in action?

One that includes all the source?

First grab the working app from the Store.

XAML Controls Gallery

This app demonstrates all of the controls available in Fluent Design System and XAML. It's the interactive companion to the Fluent Design System web site:

The source code to this app is available on


Then, check out the guidelines for the Fluent Design System...

Fluent Design System

An eloquent design system for a complex world.

Design and UI for UWP apps

Learn how to design and code a user interface that translates beautifully across all Windows 10-based devices

Design and code an app that’s easy to navigate and looks great on a variety of devices and screen sizes.
Define your app’s personality through color, typography, and motion.
Controls and patterns
Create a UI from a powerful set of building blocks.
Design toolkits and samples
Jumpstart your project with design templates, tools, and samples.
Make your app more inclusive and accessible to people around the world.
Input and devices
Customize your app for specific types of input and devices.

[Click through to see it all]

Finally, go check out the source...

XAML Controls Gallery (aka XamlUiBasics)


Shows all of the XAML controls in an interactive format. This app is the interactive companion to the Windows Style Guide.

Specifically, this sample shows how to:

  • Specify XAML controls in markup: Each control page shows the markup used to create each example
  • Basic layout: This sample will show all of the possible layout options for your app and allow you to interact with the panels to show how to achieve any layout you are looking for.
  • Adaptive UI: In addition to showing how each control responds to different form factors, the app itself is responsive and shows various methods for achieving adaptive UI.

Note The Windows universal samples require Visual Studio 2017 to build and Windows 10 to execute.


[Click through to see the source]

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