Get live diff's with Git Diff Margin Visual Studio Extension


If you're using Visual Studio with a Git'd project, you'll want to check out today's Visual Studio Extension.

If you've wanted to see how a Visual Studio Extension can hook into the edit window margin, you'll want to check out today's Visual Studio Extension.

Wanted to hook into the scroll bar? You'll...well, you know... :)

Laurent Kempé and the community team, have released...

Git Diff Margin

Git Diff Margin displays live Git changes of the currently edited file on Visual Studio margin and scroll bar.


  • Supports Visual Studio 2010 through Visual Studio 14 "CTP"
  • Quickly view all current file changes on
    • Left margin
    • Scroll Bars in map and bar mode with and without source overview
      • blue rectangle for modifications
      • green rectangles for new lines
      • red triangles for deletions
      • all colors configurable through Visual Studio Fonts and Colors options
  • Undo the change
  • Copy the old code into the clipboard
  • Copy a part of the old code by selecting it in the popup
  • Show the diff in Visual Studio Diff window except for Visual Studio 2010 which still use configured Git external diff tool
  • Navigate to previous/next change on the file using user defined keyboard shortcuts or the popup icons
  • Support Visual Studio 2013 Dark, Light and Blue Theme
  • Support zoom



Git Diff Margin v3.0 released

25 Days after the v2.0 I am pleased to announce the v3.0 of Git Diff Margin!

Git Diff Margin displays live Git changes of the currently edited file on Visual Studio margin and scroll bar.

Thanks to the great work of Sam Harwell Git Diff Margin v3.0 now support Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 and Visual Studio 14 "CTP".

Here are the release notes

New features
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and Visual Studio 14 "CTP"
  • Show diff using Visual Studio Diff window except for Visual Studio 2010 which still use external diff tool
  • Possibility to define shortcuts for next/previous change navigation
  • Add options for highlighting untracked lines #29
  • Update icons
  • Improve external diff configuration handling in .gitconfig #32
  • Improve "removed" glyph and editor diff positioning
  • Improve support of Dark, Light and Blue theme
  • Make sure the text editor is focused after a rollback
  • Prevent ScrollDiffMargin from affecting the scroll bar behavior
  • Play nice with other source control providers





Grab it from inside of Visual Studio's Extension Manager, or via the Extension Gallery link

Or use the Chocolatey installation



Thanks to Sam Harwell @sharwell for all the improvements

Thanks to Rick Sladkey @ricksladkey for the fixes

Thanks to @Iristyle for the chocolatey package

Let's take a quick look at the Solution (and of course, use it, to play with the extension itself... :)


On a related note, I love NuGet. I cloned the repo, fired off a build and with the power of NuGet, in just seconds I had a successful build.


You remember the time before NuGet? When we had to hunt down and install all of a Project's dependences? Or bloat our repo's with all the bin's? It used to make my life, writing this blog "interesting".

A project like this, with this many dependacneys would have likely been a major pain to get to compile.


Today? Clone, build, complete. Woot!

So anyway... I install the Extension and used it on its project.


It was quick, easy and nicely intuitive. I love the ability to roll back the specific change. Kind of like an uber-smart undo (Not that we ever need something like that... um... yeah... )

If you're using any modern Visual Studio version, 2010-"14", using it the Git, you owe it to your self to check out this extension...

The Discussion

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    Thanks Greg for the post!

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    Great post, great tool but I can't install GitDiffMargin on my Visual Studio 2012 Express :< When we can expect release for VS Express?

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    @TrustMe00 I wouldn't count on that happening. The Express editions are very locked down and restricted when it comes to third party extensions, whereas Visual Studio versions you pay for are not. I've seen it where it's sometimes hard for even internal to Microsoft extensions to be available in Express versions.

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    @TrustME00 It is not possible to have it in Express due to Microsoft restrictions

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