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Looking to get started with IoT? Windows 10 IoT? Want to be a plug-n-plug maker?

The recent MagPi mag and the Microsoft Grove IoT Kit might be JUST what you are looking for...

Learn how to make with Windows 10 IoT Core in The MagPi 48

Windows 10 is better than ever on Raspberry Pi

Windows 10 is better than ever on Raspberry Pi

Whenever a new piece of hardware comes out, there are always people trying to port or emulate different operating systems onto it. The Raspberry Pi was no different, with several attempts at porting differing operating systems when it was first launched. For over a year now though, Microsoft has officially supported Windows on the Raspberry Pi through Windows 10 IoT Core.

In The MagPi 48 we cover the latest developments in Windows 10 IoT Core that have come about since the Raspberry Pi 3 was launched, and how to make use of them in your own projects. We’ve also got exclusive news on an upcoming kit specifically for the Raspberry Pi 3 that lets you create amazing projects right out of the box.


MagPi 48


  • Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi
    Build your own Internet of Things devices
  • Set up Dropbox on your Pi
    Share your files in the cloud
  • Build a Tweet-o-meter
    Chart your social media success
  • Go for gold!
    Make Olympics-inspired games with Scratch
  • And much, much more!


Microsoft Grove IoT Kit



This kit DOES NOT include the Raspberry Pi board. Please visit Here to purchase separately.

Building an IoT project on your Raspberry Pi has never been an easy task for many developers. This is due to the messy hardware connections involved, and complicated software programming. Seeed and Microsoft have worked together to alleviate some of these challenges by introducing the Microsoft IoT Grove Kit.

The GrovePi+ cape included in the kit is fully compatible with your Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 2 that both run Windows 10 IoT Core. With the easy-to-use Grove system, you are now able to connect up to 15 Grove modules to your Raspberry Pi simply through the Grove interfaces on the GrovePi+.

In addition to the high performance sensors and actuators, the kit contains a 5 inch HDMI Display and a RGB LCD with a backlight. The Microsoft IoT Grove Kit is a powerful platform on which to begin your exploration on the Internet of Things.

Visit to get started on your IoT projects.


  • Easy-to-use GrovePi+ that is compatible with Raspberry Pi B/B+/A+/2/3
  • Plug-n-play Grove Modules for rapid prototyping



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  • For projects that you would like to share with the community, please visit Recipe.

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