Get your .Net Micro Framework devices up with the μPLibrary!


When Paolo Patierno emailed me about today's project I thought it a great companion piece to last week's Hardware Friday post, Driving Devices with the .NET Micro Framework [Device] Toolbox. I mean the drivers, helpers, etc for more hardware the better, right?

μPLibrary - .Net Micro Framework Helper Library

Project Description
μPLibrary is an helper library composed of managed drivers for common hardware that you can interface to your .Net Micro Framework board and some other useful components.

  • Managed Drivers :
    • Lcd : class for compatible Hitachi HD4478U controller LCD display using GPIO provider or ShiftRegister provider
    • ShiftRegister74HC595 : class for shift register NXP 74HC595
    • Pir : class for Passive Infrared Sensor (for motion detect)
    • Ultrasonic : class for Ultrasonic Sensor (for object distance measurement)
    • TMP102 : class for Texas Instruments low power digital temperature sensor TMP102
    • DS1307 : class for Maxim RTC (Real Time Clock) device
    • SHT1X : class for SHTX1X temperature and humidity sensor
    • Anemometer : class for a generic anemometer
  • Utilities
    • Utility : class with some utility methods
    • Encoder : class for Base64 encoding
  • Networking
    • Ddns : some classes that build a software component for Dynamic DNS service provider functionality (No-IP and DynDns supported)
    • Smtp : some classes that build a software component for sending emails via SMTP server
    • Wol : class that implements Wake On LAN functionality
  • Internet Of Things

And where's a snap of the Solution;


It's simple, easy and to the point, which fits the .Net Micro Framework perfectly... Smiley

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