Getting Groovy with the Groove Music API


Groove has come a long way since it's release. But the app is nothing with an awesome service powering it. And the Groove service has been growing in leaps and bounds.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could take advantage of that service in your apps?

Groove Dev Center

Power your app with Groove

On any platform, on any device, and with millions of tracks that your app can access with the Groove Music SDK.

Start building with our SDKs

Reach listeners on PC, tablet, Xbox, web, or mobile platforms including Windows 10, iOS, or Android by integrating Groove Music with your app by using our SDKs.

Discover Groove Music services

Enjoy your own music collection and stream directly from our catalog with millions tracks on your favorite Windows, Android, or iOS device.


Start developing faster with answers to frequently asked questions, such as "I'm coding a game. Can I use the Groove API?" or "How can I link to Groove from my app or website?"

Groove Music Service Illustration

Explore the Groove API

Connect your app or website to the world of Groove.

Access all Groove Music capabilities from within your app

Earn money for referring customers through the Microsoft Affiliate Program


Groove Music API overview

The Groove Music API makes it easy for you to connect your app or website to the world of Groove. The Groove Music API provides access to RESTful web services that offer many features and generate useful data:+

  • It is compatible with the Microsoft Affiliate Program that encompasses both streaming premium subscriptions and on-demand purchases.
  • A best in class image service.
  • Streaming that can be integrated on any platform or browser.
  • In addition to PC and mobile, you can reach Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


Now go out there and get your Groove on!

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