Getting Started with Azure IoT


Xin Shi highlights how easy and quickly you can get started with Azure IoT...

Get Started with Azure IoT today

At //Build 2017, Microsoft Azure made several announcements related to get started development experience with Azure IoT. Based on customers’ feedback, most of the developers are focusing on the device-cloud connectivity. Today, you can find more uniformed tutorials about how to connect your devices to Azure IoT and other Azure cloud services.

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Get Started with Azure IoT

  • Start innovating with Microsoft Azure Certified devices or simulated device
  • Step-by-step tutorials that help you quickly connect your devices to the cloud
  • Scenario-based tutorials help you prototype your own IoT solutions with Azure
Connect your device to IoT hub

This is the basic lesson for you to learn Azure IoT

Learn how to setup your device and send data to IoT Hub. Optionally, connect sensors to your device and read data from them.


Select your device to start


Additional Tutorials

Explore IoT scenarios with Azure IoT Hub and other Azure services.


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