Getting in touch with TouchDevelop (Think "From What to Wow")


David Renton, Friend of the Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery, has expanded his efforts to showing off the power of, and helping us learn, TouchDevelop.

TouchDevelop has been highlighted before, Develop for Windows Phone, with Windows Phone... TouchDevelop, yet this time, David's hours of videos and pages of curriculum will take you from getting started to creating your first series of games...

TouchDevelop Curriculum Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials on Microsoft's new development platform TouchDevelop which allows anyone to create games or apps for mobile devices using a mobile device.

Yes that means program and playtest apps on your WP or Surface, Android Phone or Tablet and even on any iOS Tablet or Phone. All you need is a device with an HTML5 compatible browser.




Here's three examples of the games David helps you create...




If you are trying to pickup TouchDevelop, or looking to get someone in your life excited about development, this is your ticket to Ninja-dom (well, ticket to get you stared at least...)



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