Current File Path on the Footer VS Extension


Shemeer NS, Shemeer's World of Programming, is back with a kind of Visual Studio Extension I don't see often. And as he almost always does, he's not only providing the binaries, not just the source, but a post on just how he created the extension.

This is one of those extensions that when you see it, you'll smack your head and wonder where it's been all this time...

File Path On Footer


This lightweight extension lets you display the full path of the file at bottom of Visual Studio’s Editor. Click Ctrl+Click to Open Containing Folder, Right click to Copy Full Path.

This will be very helpful if you are working on files which is having similar and or same name. Visual Studio IDE already shows the file path when you hover the mouse over the document tab but I like to see the file name always on bottom of editor. So we know where we are.

Using this plugin you can,

  • File name always on bottom of editor.
  • Open Containing Folder using Ctrl+Click
  • Copy Full Path using Right Click

You can download and install it from the Visual Studio Gallery, File Path On Footer

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many Visual Studio Gallery, Code Project, CodePlex, etc., posters, like Shemeer, release their projects for the fun of it, for the good of the community, to pay it forward, i.e. for free. So please show YOUR support of them and their effort by rating/reviewing their projects. It only takes a few seconds, but means a great deal to them...

Anyway, I mentioned he also provided a guide on how he created this extension?

Getting started with Visual Studio Editor Margin Extensions


Extending visual studio is fun.

As a developer I used to spend much time on Visual Studio and automate many problems that is relevant to me. Visual Studio is a powerful editor and using extensibility project templates it is very easy to extend Visual Studio. We can plug many things to the IDE as a Visual Studio Package or a Visual Studio AddIn based on our needs.

There are thousands of visual studio extensions available in Visual Studio gallery. If you want something additional in Visual Studio or if you like to extend or automate something in Visual Studio, then choose the most appropriate project template from the extensibility to start with it. In this article we will explore how to get started with a Visual Studio Editor Margin Extension. Editor extensions are used to customize the appearance and behavior of the Visual Studio editor.

From Visual Studio 2010 you can create much more advanced customizations than changing the start page or creating snippets.

Why not in older versions? because from Visual Studio 2010,

  • Screens have been rewritten in WPF and managed code.
  • The IDE API has been refactored for easier use.
  • The IDE API is fully documented.
  • New immutable text snapshots make it easier to obtain accurate snapshots of the text editor.

In this article we are going to customize the appearance of editor margins by using editor margin extensions.

You might be interested in the below plugins that are created by me,

Pre-requisite for Extension Development

Before we start we need to make sure that all required softwares are installed in our box, Visual Studio 2010 has been written from the ground up for extensibility and customization, So I'm taking VS2010 as the base for major extension development.

Available Extensibility Project Templates

After you install the Visual Studio customization SDK, a number of new extensibility projects are available for you to create. These projects are templates that demonstrate how to perform various Hello World-type customizations that you can then build on.



In this article I have tried to explain How to create a Visual Studio Editor Margin Extension with a simple sample, I hope you have enjoyed this article and got some value addition to your knowledge.

I have put my time and efforts on all of my articles, please don't forget to mark your votes, suggestions and feedback to improve the quality of this and upcoming articles.

[Click through to read the entire post and download the source]

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