Getting your Metro game on with the MetroGameKit


Today's Metro Monday project is a little help getting you going in writing a HTML5/JavaScript Metro game. This kit provides a number of game writing examples without being overwhelming or over the top in complexity.


Space Cadet is a Windows 8 Metro Style App developed using HTML5 and JavaScript. The intent of this code is to help HTML5/JavaScript developers with writing their first Metro Style App in a fun, immersive way. The code for the game is intended for demo purposes only and should be considered a starting kit for future apps you may write.

The game includes a functional game loop as well as the following technologies:

  • HTML5 Canvas
  • HTML5 Audio
  • CSS3 Styling and Web Fonts
  • Implementing a Game Loop with JavaScript
  • Third Party Frameworks
  • Touch
  • Camera Access
  • Accelerometer
  • WinJS Controls

Author: Dave Isbitski

Here's a few snaps of the game running. It's a simple game, but again, that's the intent, a simple game to get you started and to help on the learning curve...

Screenshot (23)

Screenshot (24)

One of the features/examples I liked was the "cadet picture" feature (i.e. Camera access). That's me at the top, right....

Screenshot (25)

Here's a snap of the Solution. Again you can see this is a simple and approachable sample.


Speaking of the camera access, here's the code that makes that happen;




If you're looking for a quick, simple, easy to follow and get going with HTML5/CSSJavaScript Metro game sample, the MetroGameKit is a quick download away...

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