Getting your WP7 Desktop integration out of park with PAARC, the Phone as a Remote Control library

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    Peter Kuhn aka Mister Goodcat

    Thank you for featuring PAARC on the Coding4Fun blog. I will take a look at the problems you had with the NuGet packages (they really should have been resolved/downloaded automatically on first build).

    Also, as an addition to anyone interested: if you want to use PAARC for your project and run into issues or need help to get started, feel free to contact me on CodePlex or Twitter: @Mister_Goodcat

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    @Peter Kuhn aka Mister Goodcat:It could very likely just be me and my system. I have so much stuff installed, I'm likely to be an edge case user...  Smiley

    I also again have to recommend that everyone read your doc's, guides and watch the video. That will save people a good bit of time and troubleshooting (believe me, I know... lol)

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    Nice one
    Thank you sir :)
    I have a question and I am so glad if you answer me.
    I want to develop an application like this but the WP7's screen show the PC's screen.
    So how I can do it? what I need (protocol RDP, TCP/IP)???
    and how can I do a connection between WP7 and PC?
    Thank you very much :)

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