Gliding into a .Net Micro Framework UI design with GLIDE


So you have your .Net Micro Framework device. You want to give it a UI that people are used to, one with buttons, progress bars, grids, etc. You don't want to do all the basic grunt UI drawing yourself, and wish there was some kind of UI design tool available, preferably a free, though maybe GPL, one, one where there were non-GPL options you could purchase if needed. One where you could just focus on designing your UI and then easily add that design code to your code project...

Something like...


Glide is a graphical library for .NET Micro Framework (NETMF) that uses a graphical screen designer. Glide provides a more responsive experience then NETMF's built-in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with many additional features, from buttons and lists to keyboards and message boxes. Glide only uses standard NETMF calls so it can run on the default NETMF emulator or any NETMF device with graphics support.

For more information please visit the Glide homepage.

  • Button
  • Canvas
  • CheckBox
  • Dropdown
  • DataGrid
  • Image
  • List
  • MessageBox
  • PasswordBox
  • ProgressBar
  • RadioButton (automatic grouping)
  • Slider
  • TextBlock
  • TextBox
  • Load windows designed by Glide Designer.
  • Animate between windows.
  • Calibration window.
  • Feed in your own touch events.
  • Keyboard handling and customization.
  • MessageBox handling.
  • Can work on the default emulator or any NETMF device with graphics support.



So you download the Library from;


Design your UI in their free web based graphical screen designer;


Take the XML;


Paste it into a sample app (they provide instructions on how to create the sample app's.. it's really easy, Iin their examples);


Run it and there's your UI!


Don't want to be held to a GPL license? Then you can buy a non-GPL version (with 4 hours of consulting) too.

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    Awesome! Just keep reinventing the already invented (Silverlight) ...

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