Graphic Asset Previewer for Visual Studio


If you've got DDS, ANI, PES, MDL, SDF, or Urho XML files, you've got to get this Visual Studio Extension...

Miguel de Icaza describes it...

Asset Previewer

Mobile developers are working with all kinds of graphics assets and until now, to preview them, we would use an external tool to browse them.

We have developed a plug-in for both Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio that will provide live previews of various assets right into the IDE. It works particularly well for UrhoSharp projects.

The previewer can display in the IDE previews of the following asset types.

Generic Episode Image
Generic Episode Image

  • Static Models (*.mdl files)
  • Materials, Skyboxes, Textures (*.dds)
  • Animations (*.ani)
  • 2D and 3D Particles (*.pex)
  • Urho Prefabs (*.xml if the XML is an Urho Prefab)
  • Scenes (*.xml if the XML is an Urho Scene)
  • SDF Fonts (*.sdf)
  • Post-process effects (*.xml if the XML is an Urho RenderPath)
  • Urho UI layouts (*.xml if the XML is an Urho UI).


Get it from the Visual Studio Gallery...

Graphics asset previewer

The add-in contains a set of graphics asset previewers (UrhoSharp related assets, *.sdf, *.mdl, *.dds).

For UrhoSharp it supports the following formats:

  • Models (StaticModel, *.mdl files)
  • Materials, Textures
  • Animations (2D, AnimationModel)
  • Particles (2D, 3D)
  • Prefabs (Objects)
  • Scenes
  • SDF Fonts
  • Post-process effects (RenderPath)
  • UI layouts

Generic Episode Image



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