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I came across this post last week and thought it would make an interesting Christmas day post...

A Technical Christmas Carol

Eddie Scrooge doesn't like spending money. He has a successful business, but likes to hoard his cash. He doesn't understand why he would need to spend money on the technology he's had for many years which is doing just fine.

But one Christmas Eve he was presented with the three geek spirits of Past, Present and Future.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past transports Scrooge to 2001. He was younger, fresh-faced and less cynical. He wanted to leave the Windows 95 and MS-DOS era, and find something which would work better for his business and crash less. Windows XP was the answer – it was easy to use and stable, with great hardware and software compatibility.

Millions of other people thought it was the bomb. Scrooge believed it so perfect that he would never need another system again. In a few years, it would become the most popular operating system in the world.

The Ghost of Christmas Present

Scrooge is presented with a vision of the present. Windows XP is working fine, but his business is using a system which is more than 10 years old – a lifetime in technology terms.

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Merry Christmas to all... Smiley




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