Heat Margin Visual Studio Extension - Taking the Green/Yellow to the next level


Today's Visual Studio Extension from Jordan Knight, taking a cue from another extension we've also highlighted, Get live diff's with Git Diff Margin Visual Studio Extension, provides a real time indicator showing how recently you've edited a line.

Yeah, Visual Studio has something like that, the green/yellow edit indicators. But if you're doing allot of editing, like Jordan says, after a while the entire file will be green. Edits done now, vs hours ago, all green.

Jordan's extension shows how recent, or hot, an edit was, where older edits cool off over time...

Heat Margin

Heat Margin shows you where you've been editing your code!

Visual studio has a feature built in to that shows you where you've edited your file (green for saved, yellow for unsaved). But over time, your entire document will show the green bar!

With heat Margin as you edit lines, indicators are added in the scroll bar and next to the line numbers (much like the default green and yellow makers you're used to).

The difference with Heat Margin is as you edit more lines, previously edited line indicators start to fade. You'll quickly start to build up an idea of where you are working!

Works with VS15RC and 2013.  


BTW, have you see the recent Visual Studio Gallery update that lets submitters directly link their project to their GitHub repro?


Pretty cool, isn't it?

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