Hello Netflix? This Windows 8, WinJS and HTML5. Can we talk?

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    SL Fanboy

    Why would any sane and sound human being be interested in writing JS code?! WHy really?!

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    @SL Fanboy: so many people write JavaScript every day, including my development team... and many of them love it. Your name suggests you might not be one of them though Smiley

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    When you regain your sanity, we sane people might bother to explain it to you.

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    @Eric:I'm disappointed to see that this kind of personal comment is still so common on comment boards. 



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    JavaScript will become one of the biggest standards in future app development together with HTML5.
    Cross-platform and don't compare it with the old days web kiddy script of writing JavaScript.
    If you know what singletons, module patterns, CommonJS etc. means: then you are talking.


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    Cross platform sounds good if we do not  have to rely on WinJS and WinRT. So first having JavaScript is good and a nice move but so close bonding with platform looses ground.




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    Just so you know, singletons and module patterns have been around way before JS, singletons are used extensively in almost every programming language and module patterns are used to extend languages (e.g. you could write a module-like class to use instead of a namespace in C++, to solve component initialization, etc).
    There is a case to be made in regards JS and module patterns being almost exclusive to each other though.

    In any case my point is that you shouldn't make comments that you *think* will make you sound smart because you could sound dumb instead.

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    Well, we now got a C#/XAML My Netflix in Windows Store at http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/my-netflix/0006c1d8-ee62-47e2-88e3-00ef97615b03

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    where there could be add a native components,such as button,view ,above it there is html page,then set <body backgraound-color: transparent></body>,html's components will mixture with native components?

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