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Today's Friday Hardware post comes to us from Laurent Kempé. The project shows off all the steps in getting your first .NET Core application running on an IoT device...

.NET Core console app running on Raspberry Pi

Now that there is a distribution of .NET Core on a Linux distro running on my Raspberry Pi 3, I had to try it.

In this post, I will explain all the steps I had to execute to be able to run my first Hello World application.

First, you will need to install on your Pi the Ubuntu MATE distribution. Currently, the RASPBIAN distribution, which is the mostly used, is not supported but it seems that it will be soon the case according to this Github issue on dotnet / core.


Now that we have the Pi running the right Linux distribution on it and we can connect to it easily from our computer, it is time to create a first .NET Core project. For sure, we will start with the famous Hello World.

Install .NET Core 2.0 SDK, I used the Windows x64 version 2.0.0-preview1-005685 which I downloaded as a zip. Unpack it on your hard drive in a folder named dotnet, then create another folder at the same level called hello and create a new console application:


Then run, and publish

Finally, you will get the publish results in the folder .\hello\bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.0\ubuntu.16.04-arm which you can easily upload to your Pi using WinSCP previously installed.

You need then to set the hello executable to have the execution rights on the Pi, which you can also do easily from WinSCP

The final step is to run you hello executable on the Pi, which you can do using Putty over SSH then, or by having your Pi connected to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard!

Here is the result


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