Hex Visualizer Extension for Visual Studio 2015


Sometimes you just need to see the Hex... Mladen Mihajlovic thought the same, took a hex editor control and mashed it up into a Visual Studio Extension and here you go!

Hex Visualizer

Hex viewer visualizer provides a visualizer for byte arrays so as to display them in a mini hex visualizer. Very useful for debugging network packets and binary files.


I think in Vs2015 that you should be able to get this on a byte[] array, but if not (as in previous VS versions) you can do the following...

When on a breakpoint, in your watch window create a new row with "new WeakReference(p)" where p is your byte[] variable.


This will then allow you to visualize the Weak Reference.



The source can be found at https://bitbucket.org/mmihajlovic/hex-visualizer


Uses the Be.Hex control from Be.HexEditor (.NET C# hex edit control)

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