Holiday Gift Guide 2007 Suggestions?

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frosty Well folks, at Coding4Fun, we're attempting not to wait until the last possible second to buy our gifts for everyone and need your help.  We need to prep for our yearly holiday guide and are asking for suggestions of items that should be in our Holiday Gift Guide for 2007.  Our guides from 2005 and from 2006 show some of the neat items we like to show off.  The gift price range go from the "get one for everyone" to the "It is my 100" HDTV and I don't care how much it cost" and most having the knack for being programmed or hacked.

If you know of something we should include, tell us!

Frosty was created with some snow, a top hat, 2 pieces of coal, and a carrot.  I say we "upgrade" him a bit more and add in an embedded computer, some linear actuators, a complete API model, a flame thrower, and a LCD so I can play Halo with him.  We'll need a really long extension cord I think.



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