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windowshomeserver[1] The final version of Windows Home Server (WHS) has shipped!  There are already multiple add-in's for WHS and there is the Code2Fame contest out there too.  The Code2Fame contest must be postmarked by August 25th to count too.

So what is so cool about WHS?  It helps protect your home.  It helps perform automatic backups, monitors your PC's heath, and secures your files.  It also helps connect you to your home network even when you're not there!  You run out of disk space on it, just plug in another hard drive, no matter what size, and it automatically allocates that space.  No more worrying about if your music is on your E drive or Q drive.  Windows Home Server can do a lot more, if you have more questions, visit the Windows Home Server web site.



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    Materials from "Using Behaviors to Flex Your WCF Muscles" posted [Via: tom.fuller ] MSDN Nuggets and...

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