It's not too late to get ready for the Hour of Code...

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You all know that training, education, getting kids (both real kids and the kid inside all of us) excited about development is something I like to blog about.

There's fewer bigger events toward that than next month's Hour of Code.


Anyone can learn the basics, and have fun doing it!

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Microsoft also provides a number of resources to help you get started. Tim Sneath rounds them up...

Bringing Hour of Code to Your Classroom

As a child of the 80s, the computers I grew up with were designed as much for programmers as for users. Computer magazines typically included pages of printed code for applications that you could type in and run on your own machine, and the comparatively primitive nature of those early home machines made for a great environment to learn how to code and debug simple applications.

Fast forward to today, when millions of students use computers as a daily part of their learning experience and yet have little understanding of what goes on under the covers. The Hour of Code is the largest learning event in the world, and aims to give students their first taste of computer science and software engineering through engaging, age-appropriate materials.

Here at Microsoft, we’ve put together a really fun learning exercise that you can use as a volunteer or a teacher for the Hour of Code. In this blog post, we’ve pulled together all the tools and resources you need—simply follow the three steps below.

Let’s get started!

The steps below will help you host an Hour of Code event with TouchDevelop, a free coding tool designed for 13-16 year olds with no prior computer science knowledge or skills. In this tutorial, students will fix a fun and simple game that challenges players to guide a robot through a maze of obstacles. Also, watch the ‘How to Run an Hour of Code’ video for a quick introduction to the Hour of Code and download the How-to Guide for teachers for general guidelines and ideas.

Step One: Prepare for your event


Step Two: Watch the Hour of Code Event Training webinar

Brought to you by Microsoft Virtual Academy, this one-hour on-demand session provides you with presentation materials, a script, and train-the-trainer guidance to be ready to lead your own group of students through their first Hour of Code. 

Course Outline

  • Overview
  • Why Should You Participate
  • Event Prerequisites
  • Event Timeline and Script: Road to Code Tutorial
  • Backup Timeline and Script
  • How to Keep a Classroom of Students Engaged
  • FAQ

Step Three: Familiarize yourself with the TouchDevelop Tutorial

On the Hour of Code with TouchDevelop website, visit the following sections:


We wish you the very best for a successful event! If you want to delve even deeper into Hour of Code, view more tutorials and tools on the YouthSpark Hour of Code landing page.

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