How to write a plug-in

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plug_ext[1]Windows Home Server is running a contest for the ultimate add-in.  $50,000 in prizes can be won!  Just got a vacation and want to show the world everything?  Write a plug-in that works with Flicker.  Think your room is too hot, write a plug-in to monitor the temperature.  Afraid your dad's computer is a tad under the weather?  Create a plug-in that shoots you an email.

Windows Home Server's SDK can be found over at MSDN.  To download Windows Home Server RC1, follow this link.



The Discussion

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    The title says: "How to write a plugin", but I can' find any info here on HOW to write one...

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    How about an article that actually tries to teach you something about writing a WHS plug-in?  This article was pointless and misleading.  Title should read, "Already mastered Visual Studio and WHS RC1? Win $50,000".

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