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Jaime Rodriguez has a great post on some of the interesting things we at Microsoft have on one of our internal discussions, namely the WPF one. 

The big one I noticed was that my favorite was smack at the top.  INotifyCollection is now going to be part of system.dll so you can make your now see if stuff gets modified!

Subject: Any chance of INotifyCollectionChanged moving to the core .NET libraries?

The  System.Collections.Specialized.INotifyCollectionChanged interface is defined in WindowsBase.dll (primarily a WPF assembly) but my customer believes it should be pushed down into the core BCL so that other project types can benefit from it without requiring a reference to WPF/WindowsBase.

Is this planned for 4.0 or later?

INotifyCollectionChanged, ObservableCollection<T>, and ReadOnlyObservableCollection<T> have been type forwarded into System.dll for .NET 4.


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