I'm thinking of... Mindwave + Arduino ["ThinkUino"]


Today's Hardware Friday takes back to one of my favorite areas (okay, yeah I have a bunch of those, but still), mind to PC interfaces. I can't wait for the day when I can ditch my keyboard, mouse, voice, touch, gesture devices and just think at my PC. Talk about a "natural interface!" Sure, we're a ways away from that, but hey, a guy can dream.

Here's a few of the past posts;

Today we show off Antonio Blescia's work in his ThinkUino project.

ThinkUino Project

ThinkUino (Thinking Arduino) is an open source project that allows to connect the Arduino board with Mindwave headset. The cognitive application opens new frontiers for control the electronic circuits through  the reading of brainwaves. With this article I explain how to make a cognitive application for control a single LED light.

Mindwave... what is it?

Mindwave is an innovative headset produced by Neurosky. Mindwave converts the brainwaves into digital electronic signals. There are two version of this device:   

Mindwave... two versions, but which i should choose?

For the scope of this project the Mindwave Mobile is indispensable. That device supports the bluetooth connection, through the bluetooth connection it send the data in RAW mode to the connected devices. With the retrieved data we can parse the various frequency reading by the headset. 

What do I need to implement this project?

The fundamental elements to create this project are:  

  1. Mindwave Mobile Headset 
  2. Arduino 2009 or higher 
  3. Led  

image image


Best of all is the code is all C# and looks pretty simple (as must code does in hindsight Smiley


The device's price seems reasonable, the Brainwave Starter Kit is currently $99, it's developer tools are free and this project shows just a glimpse of how you can start turning it into the "Internet of [Mind] Things"... Smiley

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