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Last week we highlighted a great IoT tools Visual Studio Magazine article by Terrence Dorsey in our IoT and Visual Studio post.

Today we're highlighting a post from our IoT Developers blog by Zhidi Shang, again about IoT devices and tools for the hobbyist and professional

IoT Developers, Check Out These Development Tools!

Many developers have heard about the buzz: Internet of Things (IoT).  As a standalone IT field, IoT has attracted lots of attentions for its huge potentials. But the ecosystem of IoT is too complicated and fragmented, leaving people easily get lost.

IoT Developers Need Tools


At Microsoft, with our offerings on Microsoft Azure IoT, we realized that there is a big gap for developers to be more productive when they develop the IoT applications on public cloud like Azure. We encountered different type of developers: traditional embedded developers who are familiar with C-based technical stack and want to learn and prototype cloud applications; mobile and cloud application developers who are comfortable developing in cloud using the popular tech stacks, but feel challenging handling hardware, drivers and firmware; traditional enterprise software developers who often need to integrate their legacy system with new technical stacks on device or in cloud.

In order to help them to succeed on public cloud, for the past months, we developed different tools to help IoT developers to be productive on Microsoft Azure.

Tools for IoT Developers to Learn and to Prototype

For developers who come from other software background, and new to IoT, we provided the following tools for them to effectively get started about developing IoT application on Microsoft Azure, and turn their IoT ideas into reality by leveraging the cloud services Microsoft Azure can offer:

MXChip IoT Developer Kit ...

Visual Studio Code Extension for Arduino ...

"Happy Path" Get Started Tutorials ...

Online Device Simulator ...


Tools for Professional IoT Developers

For developers who are developing in a team with real-world IoT applications, we provided tools to empower them to easily develop, test, debug, monitor and operate the IoT applications on Microsoft Azure. Some of the tools we have released or will release soon:

Azure IoT Gateway/Edge SDK packages ...

IoT connected service extension for Visual Studio ...


We Want Developers to Use the Tools

We are actively reaching out to the developer community to learn their real pain points and tooling needs when developing IoT application in public cloud. We work hard to continuously improve our existing tools, add new tools to our portfolio. And we work with community contributors through the projects we open sourced to exemplify our goal: Develop by the Developers, for the Developers.

Our biggest rewards and incentives are that developers use our tools everyday to help their IoT development.

For future updates on our IoT Tooling, please bookmark and follow our blog for IoT developers:

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