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I saw today's highlighted article from Terrence Dorsey and knew I had to share it right away. Terrence's article is something any and every Visual Studio IoT Dev is going to want to read...

Programming the Internet of Things with Visual Studio

Internet-connected devices in every home and Windows on every device? We're getting there, and you can develop for most of these IoT devices in Visual Studio.

Computers rule everything around me. It seems like every electronic device today features not only computing power, but wireless connectivity, as well. Thermostats, security cameras, locks and lights, vacuum cleaners ... even toasters. All containing tiny computers, and all interconnected via the Internet.


Target Environments
There's a huge and growing universe of off-the-shelf, programmable, networkable microcontroller devices available now. At a very low level you have a variety of simple 16- and 32-bit devices from a variety of traditional chip makers like Texas Instruments. (I played a bit with the SensorTag development kit and it's a lot of fun, making me think the Watch DevPack might be a great learning toolset, too.)

Some better-known microcontroller devices include ...


Visual Studio Extensions
While most of the target devices I just mentioned have their own IDEs -- and pretty good ones at that -- there are a few great extensions that let you work from the familiar Visual Studio environment and its extensive coding and testing tools.


Azure IoT
Networked devices are nice, but they're better if you have a cloud-based control application to configure your IoT devices, help them communicate and gather their data. Azure IoT Suite provides easily deployed Microsoft Azure applications to handle the networked aspects of your smart devices and connect them with your back-end applications.


AllJoyn is an open source, common protocol intended to simplify IoT device discovery and communication. Ongoing AllJoyn protocol development is overseen by the AllSeen Alliance, of which Microsoft is a member, and which has folded in the work of the former Open Connectivity Foundation's' IoTivity protocol work. Windows 10 includes native AllJoyn protocol support built in.


Lego MindStorms
Finally, let's not forget Lego Mindstorms. The big news recently was the new ability to Create Lego Mindstorms Robots with Swift playgrounds.

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