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Kevin Martins shares with us a great series that chronicles his IoT journey, taking you along with him, as he gets up to speed on IoT...

IoT Project for Anyone – Introduction

IoT Project for Anyone Blog Series

Getting Started with IoT - A Step by Step Guide for Anyone:

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and amaze many of us at the unlimited potential it has to change our world. From smart televisions and refrigerators to the monitoring of airplane engines, the possibilities seem to be endless. I have read about Windows 10 IoT since its release and was looking for a project to work on to learn more. I recently worked on a project centered around IoT that will help a great non-profit organization I have been volunteering with for several years. As I went through this journey to learn and implement the IoT project, I quickly learned that not having a background in software development is a disadvantage and can be quite a challenge. I also learned there was very little beginning to end guidance for anyone craving to learn more about IoT.

I created this blog series to share my IoT learning journey with the intention to teach and inspire others about what I have learned. Whether a middle school student or a technical professional, I wrote these blogs for an audience with very little hands-on experience complete with step by step instructions and screen captures. Each blog in this series is based on a specific topic, so you can follow them in a sequence or read just the specific blog on the topic of interest. Please leave comments, questions, etc. in the blog comment area.

Endless Possibilities: ...

The IoT Project:


Project Blog Index:

IoT for Anyone - Introduction (this blog)

IoT for Anyone - Materials and Connections

IoT for Anyone - Windows 10 IoT Core Operating System Installation

IoT for Anyone - Raspbian Operating System Installation

IoT for Anyone - Power BI Streaming Dataset Setup

IoT for Anyone - Collecting and Streaming Data from Windows 10 IoT (coming soon)

IoT for Anyone - Collecting and Streaming Data from Raspbian Operating System

IoT for Anyone - Designing IoT Microsoft Power BI Dashboard

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