Is Visual Studio Online Online? VSO Status Indicator Extension


Today's Visual Studio 2013 & 2015 extension is from two guys who if you've been in the VS ALM space for a bit, you'll have heard of a number of times, Utkarsh Shigihalli and Tarun Arora.

You've all started using Visual Studio Online, right? Think "TFS in the Cloud" that you can use for free (for up to five users), where you can be on the very latest versions of TFS, take advantage of all the awesome project planning, building, etc. features. If you're looking for private code repository, some place to host your code free, without worrying about who can see it, you've got to check out VSO.

So you're on VSO. And while it's got great uptime, it's still in the cloud, there will still be times when it might be offline or doing updates. Instead of trying to check-in/out/etc and then get an error, wouldn't it be great if there was a simple indicator in VS that made it really clear as to the VSO status? Funny you think that...

VSO Status Inspector

Often when Visual Studio Online (VSO) is down or under maintenance we go to service overview page and check the status.

We thought it would be really useful to monitor the status while you code in Visual Studio. This extension helps you to inspect the status of VSO from inside Visual Studio itself.  


The extension quietly sits in the Visual Studio status bar displaying an icon - based on whether Visual Studio Online is running smooth or has some issues or completely down. 

Once you install the extension you will see a small icon in your Visual Studio status bar based on the status of the VSO.


You can also see the status via Output window and then choosing "VSO Status Inspector" from the dropdown.


By default the extension polls every 60 seconds, but if you ever want to change the poll time, you can do that easily too. Go to `Tools -> Options` and then search for `VSO Status Inspector`. Change the poll interval to whatever you like.


Best of all it's (the extension, not VSO... lol) is open source;



It's simple, quick and easy, but one of those little things that are great to have...

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