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the-computer-demands-a-blog[1] If you're like me, you may already have a blog, but if you've been wondering about getting one up and running, here are some open source blog engines.  There are tons of open source engines but here are just a handful.  If you have other great engines, please post them in the comments.

  • DasBlog - Originally based off of the BlogX engine, Scott Hanselman and many others help contribute to this engine.  It uses XML files to store everything so it helps aid in migration and ease of updating.
  • SubText - This engine is powerful and flexible.  It is written in c# and uses SQL Server for the data source.  This engine was modified slightly and now runs the MySpace China's blog engine!
  • BlogEngine.Net - This engine can actually use either a SQL Server or an XML file for their data source.  This is constantly one of the top downloaded items on CodePlex.
  • Wordpress - This is a PHP / MySQL based solution with a very active community and user base.

All these engines are extremely easy to get up and running and can be modified to suit your needs.  Also they are a great way to see how other people code and solve problems.  I personally learned a lot when I modified SubText for my personal blog.  If you want to try out a new blogging software without losing your current data, I suggest trying BlogML for making the data conversion to a fairly painless process.



The Discussion

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    Albert Rosa

    For my personal blog I use WordPress which has a great development community behind it as well.  

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    Robert MacLean

    On my personal site I make use of Drupal which is a LAMP solution. It's a great CMS and blogging platform. This is free and open source

    The other I have used recently, which is amazing but not free, easy to setup, or open source is SharePoint 2007. It's blogging capabilities (and Word and OneNote's built in support for it) make it probably the best solution I ever used.

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    David Wilkes

    I have recently setup BlogEngine.NET for my blog. It works well. I have a blog on setting it up on 1 and 1 hosting, but it probably would cover most hosting providers. SharePoint Server is not free, but SharePoint Services 3.0 for Windows Server 2003 is free. I would highly recommend. I am just digging into it for my job as a solution for our Intranet to replace DNN.

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    Chris Schierkolk

    I use presstopia's asp solution. It is easy to setup and use.

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