It's Here, UWP Community Toolkit v2.0!


The UWP Community Toolkit continues to rapidly, almost scary rapid, roll out updates, new features and capabilities. For example, last week Nikola Metulev talked about the new major version, v2.0!

What, the UWP Community Toolkit is news to you?

First, here's some of the other times we've covered it;

Second, check out the docs, which I don't think we've mentioned before,

Lastly, check out Nikola's post...

The UWP Community Toolkit v2.0

Today, the UWP Community Toolkit graduates to version 2.0 and sets the stage for future releases.

There have been seven releases since the UWP Community Toolkit was first introduced exactly one year ago and version 2.0 is the first major and largest update to date. The developer community has worked enthusiastically to build something that is used by thousands of developers every month. Today, there are over 100 contributors, and developers have downloaded the packages over 250,000 times. This would not be possible without the strength of the community – Thank You!

For developers, and designers alike

Beginning with the v2.0 release, the UWP Community Toolkit is making efforts to align with the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to enable developers to take advantage of the new APIs and the new Fluent Design System.

The Fluent Design System defines several foundational elements that will make new designs perform beautifully across devices, inputs and dimensions. To prepare for the general availability of the Fall Creators Update later this year, the community has committed to update all UWP Community Toolkit controls to adopt Fluent Design. Over the coming months, new and existing controls will be updated to support light, depth, material, motion and scale. The sample app will also be updated to take full advantage of the new foundational elements to demonstrate what is possible.


Updating the Sample App

The UWP Community Toolkit Sample App showcases toolkit features for developers by providing tools to get started using the toolkit in their apps, and it continues to get better. In the largest update since the initial release, developers can now edit XAML directly in the sample app and instantaneously view the results side by side. ...

Beyond UWP

The UWP Community Toolkit has received feedback about the importance of supporting cross-platform development to enable developers to share more of their code across platforms. Version 2.0 introduces two new packages: Microsoft.Toolkit and Microsoft.Toolkit.Services with the commitment to support more cross platform APIs in future releases. ...

What else is new?

As with every release, the community has worked together to share their ideas, build new controls and helpers libraries and improve the UWP Community Toolkit for everyone. This release is no different.

There are several large additions and updates to highlight here, but make sure to visit our release notes for all additions and improvements:

  • Added InAppNotification control – a control to show local notifications in app
  • Added TextToolbar control – text editing control that enables easy rich text and Markdown formatting
  • Updated Expander to support all orientations and added LayoutTranformControl from the WinRT XAML Toolkit
  • Updated Menu to support underline characters, orientation and many other improvements

This is just the start

... Click through for the rest ...

The Discussion

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    Windows App Studio was one of my good tool to make software fast and upload it to the store.

    Now it's ended.

    I'm looking for new ways to make software for Windows 10 Platform,
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