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    Was lucky enough to catch one of Guys' sessions at #Fest11 last week.  It looks as though we now have a reasonably cost efective way to control things using thought!    Wow! 

    (Just let that sink in)

    It was great to see it in action (I tried to take a photo showing Guy in 'concentration mode' but sadly it was too blurry to use).

    My immediate thoughts (no pun intended) were of how this might be of value to the severely disabled.  It must now only be a matter of time before these things are ready for the mainstream?

    On a side note I envy Guy as he always seems to have the latest gadgets at his finger tips ...

    Finally - a shout out to the #Fest organisers who put on a great variety of speakers this year!

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    Guy SmithFerrier

    It is indeed an amazing piece of kit.

    I recently did an experiment of recording my emotions whilst listening to two different pieces of live music (this is a demo I can't do in a live presentation because I cannot will myself to feel a specific emotion). You can read about it at


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    Guy SmithFerrier

    Hi Ian,

    (#Fest11 was indeed great :-)).

    You are absolutely right - people are already using this to help the disabled. There is a great video of Cora using the "Free" flying game that I briefly mentioned:


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    Unfortunately the sensors on that thing are crap like all others of this kind.

    The companies making them are too cheap on the hardware. The only thing they need to do i use good hardware and this will become a success.

    Not all areas you need access to are on the surface off the brain so the sensors need to be good enough to sense what's happening inside the brain.

    If they bothered to make some research and listen to the results they would know this already.

    The companies are destroying for themselves by being cheap.
    Not only that, they are also giving such products a bad reputation So future products of this kind that might actually use the right hardware will not sell as good as they otherwise would have.

    Being cheap should be illegal !

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