Jesse Liberty's "Windows Phone From Scratch" Tutorials

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Today's learning resource comes from the one and only Jesse Liberty and is brought to us by via the App Hub's Education Catalog.

Jesse takes those who "have no experience with Silverlight nor with C#, nor .NET in general, but would like to learn to program the Windows Phone" from the very start, downloading the tools, to Lambda Expressions...

Jesse Liberty's "Windows Phone From Scratch" Tutorials

Jesse Liberty is a senior community program manager in Microsoft Developer Guidance, focused on Windows Phone 7. His blog,, is a required resource for Silverlight and Windows Phone developers.

Following are links to many "Windows Phone From Scratch" mini-tutorials that Liberty created for his blog. The series assumes that developers want to learn to program for the Windows Phone, but have no experience with Silverlight, C#, or .NET.




Just how much training and tutorials are we talking about here? This is a high level page snap to give you a feel;


And this list isn't the end... Jesse continues add content, with the latest just a couple days ago, Application Bar Buttons Are Null (aka "Windows Phone From Scratch #50")


Here’s a few more links you might find interesting:


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