Johnny 5 is alive! Microsoft Robotic Studio is Released!

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The Microsoft Robotic Studio just got released.  Coding4Fun will have new and cool robotic content shortly too!  Visit their download section to get started on your own.

Using the Visual Programming Language, beginner programmers along with advanced developers can use the VPL to develop complex applications for their robots.  Tutorials for developing with the VPL can be found here.

Can't afford a more expensive robot?  Try out the Simulation Runtime to test it out complete with a native physics engine to help aid in a realistic testing environment.  For a more detailed coverage, please visit the simulator overview page.

What robots work?  This is just a sample list of some of the supported robots from Robotic Studio:



The Discussion

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    Dan Fernandez's Blog

    Congratulations to the Microsoft Robotics Studio team for RTM'ing! Non-Commercial Use: Robotics Studio

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    frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    A bunch of cool new stuff has been released over the past week for some serious tinkering XNA Game Studio

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