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Here in the US, it's our Independence Day weekend. A long weekend of vacations, BBQ's and, well beer.

So while today's project is very Microsoft'ish, it's still a cool hardware project. It's open source and the author put together a nice little tutorial.... (And at the end, I'll tie it back)


Welcome to the KegDuino Project! The goal of this project is to provide a simple, cost-effective DIY solution to awesome Kegs! Check out the Gallery to see what it can do. If you want to build this yourself, I've open sourced the code on GitHub and provided a tutorial complete with schematics and a parts list


This project sounds familiar? Yep we highlighted one not to long ago, Kegerator + Kegduino + KegMonitor = KegManager!, but you can never have too many automated keg projects, can you?

So how to tie this Arduino project back to Microsoft? How about this post from Bruno Capuano on developing Arduino apps in Visual Studio!

[#VS2012] #Arduino + visual Studio 2012 = true

[Note: This is machine translated]


When I thought this post, iniciamente had the idea of destroying the Arduino IDE by evil that is; and then comment the good thing would be to program apps to Arduino in Visual Studio 2012; but will not go into how destructive and only comment on this link is awesome

Visual Micro people has created an extension for Visual Studio, 2012, which allows you to create projects for Arduino directly from Visual Studio 2012. A couple of example images that already say you all




Now you're ready for the rest of this long weekend... Smiley



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