LEGO Mindstorms, Windows Phone, Azure and you


"I'm bored"

"There's nothing to do"

"What is there to do?"

Sound familiar yet? With summer here, there's a chance these, and like, phrases are echoing throughout your house (or your head... :)

The answer? LEGO's of course!

Last week at dotnetconf 2014 Dan Fernandez gave a great presentation about programming LEGO Mindstorm, mixing in Windows Phone and some Azure too.

Fun with .NET - Windows Phone, LEGO Mindstorms, and Azure

In this demo-packed session, we'll walk through building your first .NET controlled LEGO Mindstorm using Windows Phone. You'll learn about the LEGO EV3 API, how to control motors and read sensor data, and how to batch commands to the robot. Once we have a working, drivable robot, we'll switch to cloud-enabling the robot so that you can drive the robot remotely via a Web site hosted in Microsoft Azure.

[c9 videourl=]

Here’s a few more C9 LEGO links you might find interesting:


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