LEGONXT, Windows 8 and Bluetooth: a How-to


Today's Hardware Friday is a simple how-to from Bruno Capuano, but one that might come in handy if Santa brought you a Windows 8 PC and/or LEGONXT...

[#WINDOWS8] HowTo: Connect the LEGONXT with Bluetooth in Windows 8


Today is a review to show how simple that is “connect” via BlueTooth our Lego NXT with Windows 8 . The steps are as follows:

1. First click “WIN+Q” to perform a search in the Settings of Windows 8. We put “Add Device” and already have access to the option “Add Bluetooth device”



7. If we look at the properties of the same, in the tab “Services” can see the COM port used



Now get your Windows 8 LEGONXT coding on!


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