Light at the end of the CRUD tunnel? End-To-End LightSwitch


LightSwitch is a product/feature/capability/platform that I don't mention very often. Now that the HTML Client is available, maybe it's time I change that.

If your build CRUD, forms over data apps, this seems like it really could be a fun way to deliver, and wow your users (which is always fun...)

Haven't heard about it much yourself? Here's a post by Michael Washington that should help...

An End-To-End LightSwitch HTML Example

Live Demo: (use your username and password from

In this article we will create an end-to-end HTML application in Visual Studio LightSwitch. The purpose is to demonstrate how LightSwitch allows you to create professional business applications that would take a developer days to create. With LightSwitch you can create such applications in under an hour.

You can download LightSwitch at:

The Scenario

In this example, we will be tasked with producing an application that meets the following requirements for a order tracking system:

  • Products
    • Add Products
    • Edit Products
    • Delete Products
  • Orders
    • Add Orders
    • Edit Orders
      • Add Order Details
      • Edit Order Details
      • Delete Order Details
    • Delete Orders
  • Business Rules
    • Allow the current user to only see their orders
    • Show the number of orders for the current user
    • Allow an Administrator to see all orders
  • Features
    • Display the number of orders for a User


I think the most amazing thing was that the project source download "just worked". I downloaded it, unziped, loaded the Solution and F5'd. And it just worked. I love that... Smiley

Here's a snap of it running on my system...


Here's a snap of the Solution;


After reading this post and see this in action, I think I'm going to have to take a closer look at LightSwitch...

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