Little HTML5 Round-up

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It was a long, fun and exciting weekend and one we're all still trying to recover from I'm sure... Today's a lite post, giving you easy to consume and digest information, yet helping you prepare for next year's likely continued hot trend, HTML5...

W3C HTML5 Conference Videos Online - Typography, Modernizr, Graphics, Mobile and More, Oh My!

Microsoft just hosted the very first W3C HTML5 Conference in Redmond, with the participation of W3C, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Opera, Nokia, Amazon and several other industry and community leaders. This is a great picture for cross boundary participation in HTML5 and Open Web Standards at W3C.

Wish you were there? All the content and the videos are available at Streamed right to you!

Notable sessions are Open Standards, Testing, Layouts, Web Graphics, Performance, Offline, Mobile, Polyfills, Typography, Data Visualization, Accessibility, Security, HTML5 Games, Modernizr, Browser Standards and more. All the materials should be there by end of the week.


Online video tutorials for HTML 5

Here are some of the best introductory HTML5 videos I have found online/for free.


The many places to Dive into HTML5

This is a blog post I did that is itself a round up of the some of the places copies of one of the must read HTML5 resources, Dive into HTML5, can be found.


Learning HTML5 - Sample Sites

Part of the challenge with HTML5 is understanding the range of different technologies and finding good samples. The following are some of the sites I have found most useful.


A Few of My Favorite HTML5 and CSS3 Online Tools

I really enjoy coding up HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript applications but there are some things that I’m better off writing with the help of a development tool. For example, CSS3 gradients aren’t exactly the most fun thing to write by hand and the same could be said for animations, transforms, or styles that require various vendor extensions. There are a lot of online tools that can simplify building HTML5/CSS3 sites and increase productivity in the process so I thought I’d put together a post on a few of my favorites tools.


If you have other HTML5 learning, information, tutorials, etc, please share them with us all in the comments below...


HTML5 Logo by W3C.

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    my question is this nice is nice but hackers just want to steal everything we do

    so i thing microsft should invents a code for machine builders past machine language and assembler

    derek kelly engineering a better tomorrow

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