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Today's Visual Studio Extension is one of those that when you see it, you wonder where it's been all these months. It's pretty simple, just two commands, but if you host your project on GitHub, I think you'll realize what a nice little time saver it can be.


This is an add-in for Visual Studio that adds a new Show in Github and Copy Github Link commands to the context menu of the text editor.


Show in Github
Command will open a web browser and load a page in Github that shows the file being currently edited, and it will highlight the current line.

Copy Github Link
Command will copy url of the file being currently edited.


Of course the source is available too.


Add-in for Visual Studio which can be used to jump to a source code line in Github

Here's a snap of the Solution;


I cloned and it complied it with no problems, which is always nice.

And then used it to navigate to itself, which humors my recursive soul, and it just worked. :) 



Like I said, it's short, simple, just works and a nice to have feature for your GitHub projects...

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