Lots of VS Extensions installed? Visual Studio [2013] Auto Updater...

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If you've been following these posts for any time, you know how many Visual Studio Extensions I've blogged about. I'd say about 1.92 million (or so ;). Before I blog about them I first install and play with them a bit. Needless to say I have about 1.92 million Visual Studio Extensions installed.

Keeping them up to date has become something of a pain. While Visual Studio makes it pretty easy, with this many it still takes some time. I had to wonder if there was an easier way...

Seems like I wasn't the only one wondering. That mad man Mads Kristensen, of Web Essentials fame and much more, has released an extension, with source of course, that will be a huge help...

Visual Studio [2013] Auto Updater

Always keep your extensions up to date with the Visual Studio Auto Updater.

This extension allows you to specify which of your Visual Studio extensions you want to automatically update when a new version is released.

How it works

Every time Visual Studio opens, a background process checks for updates to the extensions you have specified for auto updating.

If it finds any, it will silently install them in the background, so that next time you open Visual Studio, you'll have the latest versions of your favorite extensions already installed.

You specify which extensions to auto update in a flyout menu located in the Tools menu.


Not all extensions are listed. Only the ones that can be auto updated, which excludes

  1. Extensions installed by MSIs.
  2. Extensions that require admin permissions to update.
  3. Extensions that are shipped as part of Visual Studio.



Download the extension on the VS Gallery or get the nightly build

This extension allows you to specify which of your Visual Studio extensions you want to automatically update when a new version is released.


As you might expect, the code latest drop cloned and built with no problems at all...


Besides the extension updating itself, what I thought even cooler is that this provides an example of working with the Visual Studio Gallery itself...

The Discussion

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    Nice feature, hope there was a way that I can export the extensions I use like we export bookmarks or extensions should be linked to the user account.

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    Cool extension, thanks.

    If you have 1.92m extensions, that must be a fairly unmanageable flyout that you get... :D

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    @MrStick2000: lol... yeah. Actually I'm "lucky" because I recently got a new notebook and so started off fresh. So it's only 0.92m extensions... LOL

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    abdellah Gogop

    hi all

    Microsoft is always making updates of a thing.

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