MIX it up at the Open Source Fest at MIX11

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MIX11 is less than just a bit more than a month away and the excitement is starting to build. New year is the Open Source Fest. Free for all attendees, it's your chance to show off your project, mix with the community, peers and speakers and get free food and drinks. (Oh and there's prizes too!)

Open Source is all about community and if you're going to MIX11 this your chance to bask in that community, face-to-face. John Papa's announcement, Open Source Fest at MIX11, gives us all the details, information and how to sign up.

"On behalf of the MIX team, I am excited to announce Open Source Fest at MIX11! Open Source Fest is an event for open source project leaders to come and show off their great open source projects … with some prizes too!.

The evening event, held on Monday April 11th, will be open to all MIX11 attendees and those in attendance can vote on their favorite open source projects. The winners will get a prize and some recognition at MIX11, but the key is the chance to showcase the open source projects by the community, stir the collective brainpower, and network. There will be food, drinks, a fun atmosphere, and a chance to meet many of the MIX11 speakers and attendees. Voting results will be announced at MIX11.

Please follow @MixEvent and me @john_papa for more details about MIX11!.


NOTE: If you want want to show off your Project and be entered for the prizes, you should sign up now.


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    Gone through a few phases in relation to Open Source.  Distrust, Curiosity, Tentative 'Lurking' but never fully embraced it.  Maybe now is the time - but sh$%, would that mean the end of my cowboy coding days?

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