MJPEG Decoder v1.2 - Now with WinRT, Windows Phone 8 support and samples too


Brian Peek let me know that his project MJPEG Decoder has hit a cool milestone in that it now supports both Windows Phone 8 and WinRT (x86 & ARM). So if you're looking to build an app that decodes MJPEG for a Surface RT or WP8 device, say an app that provides cool touch based security camera features, then this is a library you're going to want to check out...

MJPEG Decoder v1.2

Release Notes
  • Added support for WinRT (ARM and x86/x64)
  • Added support for Windows Phone 8
  • Added Error event to catch connection exceptions (thanks to Mirek Czerwinski for the idea)
    • Note that the XNA and WP7 assemblies remain at v1.1 and do not contain this addition
  • Samples for WinRT in C#/XAML and HTML/JavaScript (in source code repository)
  • Sample for Windows Phone 8 in C#/XAML (in source code repository)

MJPEG Decoder

Library to decode MJPEG streams. Sample code showing usage is included with the distribution. For more information, see the full Coding4Fun Article.

MJPEG Decoder

Last year the Coding4Fun/Channel 9 guys asked me to work on a few things for MIX10.  One of these items was a way to output a webcam stream to Windows Phone 7 for use with Clint's t-shirt cannon project you may have read about.  I figured the easiest way to accomplish this was by using a network/IP camera capable of sending a Motion-JPEG stream, which can be easily decoded and displayed that can display a JPEG image.  Thus, this library was born.

It has gone through quite a few changes and I have expanded it to easily display MJPEG streams on a variety of platforms.  The developer just references the assembly appropriate to their platform, adds a few lines of code, and away it goes


Here's a snap of the Solution;


One important to note and that Brain mentions in the article, if you want to play with the test apps, you're going to need a MJPEG video source (which kind of makes sense, doesn't it?). If you've got one, then all you need to do is plug in the URI into the test apps, which as you can see there's a bunch, and off you go...

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