Make Visual Studio Zoom with Font Sizer


We're on a little bit of a Font roll here on Extension Monday, last week with our Adding Fire to your Coding with Fira Code Font post and then this week's extension from Karl Shifflett (Yes, that Karl Shifflett)

Font Sizer

Visual Studio 2017 Extension for easily changing the font sizes in the editor or environment.


I learned a lot from this outstanding extension. Essentially, I updated for VS 2017 and added environment font size changing. Sam Harwell gets all the credit for the hard work.


Quickly change the editor's font sizes or the environment's font size.

Recommend assigning shortcut keys to each of the 4 commands. These are the commands I use:

  • CTRL + Num Pad Arrow Up = Increase editor font sizes
  • CTRL + Num Pad Arrow Down = Decrease editor font sizes
  • CTRL + Num Pad Arrow Right = Increase environment font size
  • CTRL + Num Pad Arrow Left = Increase environment font size
Change Editor Font Size

Each time the respective Editor increase font size or decrease font size command is invoked the following changes are made:

... [Click through to download it]

And of course it's open source, :)

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