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Scott Hanselman (Hanselminutes) and CodeNewbie spent the entire last month highlighting all things Maker. The best part is that if you missed one or all, they are now available on demand... ;)


March is for Makers

Curious about hardware and the maker movement?

Hanselminutes and CodeNewbie are teaming up to produce two episodes a week for the month of March, featuring incredible makers in the hardware space.
There will be new content every weekday in March, so subscribe and join us daily.

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A month-long celebration of hardware and the power of making.

The Maker Movement is in full swing. This rekindled excitement about hardware and manufacturing has us thrilled and sharing the joy of making with our family and friends. It’s the beginning of Arts and Crafts 2.0 for makers, new and old. So we are declaring this month Maker’s Month.

We’re Saron Yitbarek and Scott Hanselman, hosts of the CodeNewbie Podcast and Hanselminutes respectively. This month, we’ll produce two episodes a week on each of our podcasts. Join us on Mondays and Thursday all March long for new shows with incredible people creating amazing stuff with DIY manufacturing, and innovative hardware.

Each show includes links to projects you can explore, books you can download, products you can buy, teaching materials for the classroom, as well as lots of websites and other podcasts. We have no affiliation with any of the guests or their companies, other than we love their work and think you will too.

Here are just a few of the casts and posts available;

Make sure you also check out Scott's post, March was for Makers - Fantastic Hardware Tutorials, Videos, Podcasts and more!


Image via March was for Makers - Fantastic Hardware Tutorials, Videos, Podcasts and more!


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