Making your Windows 8 Store App photo perfect with Aviary Windows 8 SDK


Today's Modern Monday project a new Windows 8 SDK that will help you quickly add some fairly awesome photo editing capabilities to your app's. It's quick, easy and for the standard package, free!

Aviary Launches Windows 8 SDK with 6 Partners

We’re proud to launch Aviary’s Photo Editor SDK for Windows 8, specifically designed for apps on Windows 8 tablets and PCs. This new SDK joins our existing SDKs for iOS, Android, HTML5 & Windows Phone 7, collectively used by our 3,500+ partners.

We worked closely with AMD and Microsoft to build this SDK from the ground up, optimizing our photo-editing technology by leveraging unique AMD APU architectural advantages.


Windows 8 developers – you can download and use Aviary’s SDK, available immediately here:

If you’d like to try out the features and functionality first, download Aviary’s Photo Editor app for Windows 8 from Microsoft’s app store.

Contact us if you have any questions at – we would love to help you integrate Aviary


If you're new to Aviary, first you create an account (about 2 seconds of work), you get a key (by "creating an app" again about 2 seconds), you download the SDK and sample code (about 4 seconds), install the SDK (4.73 seconds), fire up the sample code and start playing.

It's taken me longer to write about it that it took for me to get to the point of running the sample code...

BTW, there was one issue I ran into with the sample code provided with the SDK.

When I first fired up the Project, it was set to Any CPU, which Aviary didn't seem to like.


Quickly switching it to x64 (x86 and ARM worked too, anything but Any CPU) fixed it all up


Here's it running on my notebook;


Looks like allot of stuff there right? How hard to get this into your app? About 6'ish lines of code...


And I said something about free?


If you need photo editing features for your app, this looks like a great place to start looking at...

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