Marble Mazes for the 8's

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    I have a question about performance on the RT.

    I have VS2012 running on Win8 Pro on my brand new Alienware M14X, and I don't have any issues running the Marble Maze sample on this laptop.

    However, when I deploy Marble Maze to my SurfaceRT, the performance is unbearably slow after I get past "Start Game". Moving the marble by tilting the tablet is painfully slow, and the game is essentially unplayable.

    Note that I can run Windows Store apps on my SurfaceRT without issues, and I can also deploy and run my own apps to the device, that I built from online tutorials (C#/XAML photo picker app and C++/DirectX first-person shooter sample).

    Do you have any thoughts on this?



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    @OnekSoftGames:Weird. When I deployed it, it seemed to work fine. That said, I can't check it right now because my Surface RT is acting very weird (it's been a very unhappy Surface since Tuesday's update) and I'm beating on it to try to get it back to normal...

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