Mash Windows 8 Store Apps, public web service API's and some starter kit code together and you have... "APIMASH Starter Kits"


Today's Modern Monday project isn't just one project, it's 14. 14 Windows 8 Store App Starter Kit projects that provide examples of how to use a number of free web service API's, like Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp, Earthquakes + Bing, World of Warcraft and the Chuck Norris Internet Database [insert Chuck Norris joke about how the web's there to service him... in such a way that won't get me fired]

APIMASH Starter Kits

APIMASH Starter Kits for Windows demonstrate how to use public Web Service API's such as Edmunds, Tom-Tom, Twitter, Tumblr, Yelp, Meetup and many others to create Windows 8 Store Apps. These Starter Kits will put you on the fast path to publishing your first App to the Windows Store.

Starter Kits

  1. Edmunds [XAML/C#]
  2. Rotten Tomatoes [XAML/C#]
  3. Tom-Tom + Bing Maps [XAML/C#]
  4. Active [HTML5/JS]
  5. Stackoverflow [ XAML/C#]
  6. Univision [XAML/C#]
  7. GeoNames + Wikipedia [XAML/C#]
  8. Yelp [XAML/C#]
  9. Meetup + Bing [HTML5/JS]
  10. Tumblr [HTML5/JS]
  11. Worldwide Telescope [HTML5/JS
  12. Earthquakes + Bing [HTML5/JS]
  13. World of Warcraft [HTML5/JS]
  14. Chuck Norris Internet Database [XAML/C#]
1 - Download the StarterKits
2 - Customize the API calls and Update the User Experience
3 - Submit your App to the Windows Store

Here's a snap of the Chuck Norris App;



And its solution;


The only issue I had with these apps, is that sometimes you need to fix up the references or install an SDK. For example, in the Chuck Norris app, had to refresh/reapply the Newtonsoft.Json reference (NuGet is your friend for this). For the Bing app's, I had to install the Bing Maps SDK for Windows Store apps (and get a Bing Dev key,, etc.

Here's the Earthquake App (since I live in Sothern California, Earthquakes are of special interest to me...)






The Worldwide Telescope Starter Kit is pretty awesome just as is. I wasted (err... um... "invested") way too much time playing with this one...



And here's some of the included screenshots for more of the Start Kits;










In all those kits there has to be something that calls out to you! Now get coding!

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