Menees VS Tools Updated for Visual Studio 2017


The venerable Visual Studio Extension, Menees VS Tools, from Bill Menees has been updated for Visual Studio 2017.

The Menees VS Tools have been around since 2001 and was originally a Visual C++ 6 add-in. Since then, it has continued to be enhanced and updated.

In a cool way-back machine way, it's not free, it's "CharityWare". Bill asks that if you like it, you donate $5 to a charity of your choice.

Menees VS Tools 2017

"Menees VS Tools adds several new commands to process selected text, add new text, and work with open files. It started life in 2001 as an add-in for Visual C++ 6, and it has been rewritten a couple of times since for various versions of Visual Studio. Commands include:

  • Sort Lines
  • Sort Members
  • Trim
  • Statistics
  • Execute Text
  • Execute File
  • Stream Text
  • Generate GUID
  • Toggle Files
  • Toggle Read-Only
  • Add Region
  • Collapse All Regions
  • Expand All Regions
  • Check Spelling (requires Microsoft Word)
  • Base Converter (Tool Window)
  • Add TODO Comment

Other optional features:

  • Auto-close the VS Start Page (since VS 2017 tries to show it after every Close Solution)
  • Disable Ctrl+MouseWheel zoom in text windows
  • Highlight trailing whitespace
  • Highlight excess line length (based on a configurable length)
  • Highlight invalid leading whitespace (e.g., tabs instead of spaces or vice versa)
  • Highlight configurable patterns in Output windows by content type (e.g., Output, BuildOrderOutput, BuildOutput, ConsoleOutput, DatabaseOutput, DebugOutput, SourceControlOutput, TestsOutput, and TFSourceControlOutput).
  • Highlight Find Results file names, matches, and details.
  • Enhanced Tasks tool window that reports "TODO" tasks in any open file or any file referenced in the current solution.
  • Commented #region support for XML, HTML, XAML, SQL, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

..." [Click through to see more and download it]

While not "open source," the source is included too...

The Discussion

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    Lurker SAN

    Please support css regions with the Expand All and Collapse All short-cuts in Menees VS Tools.

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