Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service (aka IoT) Limited Beta


How could we not mention this? IoT is a subject we cover often and now with Microsoft Azure jumping in to help and knowing you guys and the cool stuff you build, well highlighting this is a no brainer! Sign up while you can, beta slots are limited...

Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service

The Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service helps enterprises embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) by securely connecting, managing and capturing machine-generated data from a variety of sensors and devices. Watch this video to see how IoT is transforming the world’s first underground railway

Securely connect, capture and transform data from devices with Intelligent Systems Service

The Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service marks a critical expansion of the comprehensive Microsoft cloud-first data platform. This includes addressing challenges enterprises face securely connecting, managing and capturing machine-generated data from industry devices, sensors and other line-of-business (LoB) assets across a range of OS platforms.

Enterprises using the Intelligent Systems Service to extend the Microsoft Azure cloud across connected devices and sensors can capture vital data, analyze it with familiar Microsoft tools like HD Insight and Power BI for Office 365, and then quickly take the appropriate action that drives impact. Underlying all of these capabilities is enterprise-grade security developed and supported by Microsoft.

Now in limited public preview, Intelligent Systems Service offers a trusted solution that can be extended easily and quickly for industry-specific needs. There are limited spots available for our initial preview; if you believe your business would be a good candidate, please click here.

Top features
Intelligent Systems Service supports the following capabilities in a highly secure manner:


Connect technology assets regardless of device form-factor, OS or intelligence to other devices, cloud-based services and infrastructure.


Efficiently capture, store, join, visualize, analyze and share data to drive meaningful business insights.


Configure and apply business rules to govern industry devices and edge devices, and manage remotely with configurable alarms and response options for pervasive predictive capability.


Address variable demands with scalable and efficient data collection and storage in the cloud. Innovate on top of Intelligent Systems Service to create rich, customized experiences.


Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service Nominations for Participation in Limited Public Preview

Built on Windows Azure, the Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service (ISS) makes it easier for enterprises to securely connect, manage, capture and transform machine-generated data from Line of Business (LoB) assets, such as industry devices and sensors, regardless of OS platform.  When enterprises use ISS to harness machine-generated data, they can drive improvements in operations and unlock new business opportunities by leveraging Microsoft assets like Power Business Intelligence (BI) and HD Insight for analytics to produce meaningful insights.

  • ISS provides agents and open-source agent software to support heterogeneous operating systems and protocols across LoB assets, alleviating barriers from custom solutions that take many months to implement and may have limitations supporting diverse environments. The result is a more comprehensive and much faster solution to deliver, accelerating adoption and deployment to yield enterprise value.
  • A unified approach to security distinguishes the solution with enterprise-grade security developed and supported by Microsoft.

Please review the End User License Agreement (EULA)  available at the Downloads link above,  the privacy statement and the nomination form available on the Survey link above.  

We have a limited number of openings for this exciting opportunity and are looking for companies with a passion to adopt early and provide deep technical feedback.  If this sounds like you, please click on the Survey link below, complete the nomination form to apply for consideration, and click Submit.

We'll be reviewing nominations weekly and advising customers within five business days of completing the review.


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