Microsoft Band SDK - October 2015 (Now Includes Band 2!)


Given today's Coding4Fun post (cough and Friday's...) I wanted to add this special/out-of-band post, which includes Band and Band 2 support and the new Experience design guidelines for Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band SDK Release Notes

October 2015: Band SDK update for Windows Phone, Windows, iOS, and Android. New features:
  • Works with both Microsoft Band and Microsoft Band 2.
  • Introduces 5 new sensors for Microsoft Band 2.
  • Allows creation of PDF 417 barcodes with alpha/numeric data on Microsoft Band 2.
  • Increases the icon limits for tiles on Microsoft Band 2.
  • ...

Get started with the Microsoft Band SDK.

Get started with the Microsoft Band SDK.


Create amazing app experiences for Microsoft Band.

Extend the experience of your application to your users' wrists via a new dimension of interaction. Create an app that can send UI content to the band, keeping users engaged when they're in motion. Your app can also receive data directly from the band sensors, giving your users more reasons to interact with it. Create a personalized, data-rich, custom experience and enhanced scenarios that will engage users in ways only possible with Microsoft Band 1 and Microsoft Band 2.

The Microsoft Band SDK gives developers access to the sensors available on the Band, as well as the ability to create and send notifications to tiles. Enhance and extend the experience of your applications to your customers' wrists.

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