Mini-Pacman on mini hardware...

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Today's hardware Friday post in this seemly game themed week is the work of Chris Taylor and Kenny Spade, one building on the work of the other and together providing us some .NET Micro Framework Gadgeteer Mini-Pacman Arcade console coolness...

Playing with .NET Micro Framework and Gadgeteer

I am sure most people have heard about the .NET Micro Framework and more recently Gadgeteer. While I have had a keen interest for sometime, I never got around to purchasing any of the hardware until about 3 weeks ago.

Here are a few things I have done in my endeavor to learn more about the framework and the embedded devices.

The first application I developed was a little Pac man clone, I made the source for this available on codeplex just follow this link

Mini-Pacman on Miniature Arcade Console


I recently blogged about some of the stuff I am playing with on the .NET Micro Framework Gadgeteer platform. Kenny Spade from the TinyCLR community forums has kindly built a miniature arcade and put up a video of Mini-Pacman running on the arcade.

BTW, this is related to the Min Arcade Console project we highlighted here,Snake away with a .NET Gadgeteer arcade console and Snake game

Code? Oh yeah, Chris posted all the code, which made this all possible, here, Chris' Micro Controller Stuff

Here's a snap of the hardware;


And the Solution;


Now you too can build your own little Pacman arcade console too!

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